Joyce Miller, founder

1988 Founding Member/Director

Joyce Miller

Joyce Miller has been involved in music since the 3rd grade, when her mother signed her up for piano lessons.  In the years since, she has played or taught music.  She met her husband of 54 years, Jerald, while singing in the church choir.  When the Joyce and her family moved to Omaha in 1974, Joyce added hand bell choirs to her musical repertoire.
In 1988, Joyce reached a personal goal of starting a Community Handbell Choir with generous grants from local foundations.   Through the years, Joyce’s hard work and many volunteer hours paid off in providing the art of handbell ringing to many audiences in the midwest.  Joyce is most proud of being able to provide her Ringers with the chance to perform in front of wide variety of audiences in venues such as the Holland Performing Arts Center, Durham Western Heritage Museum, Lauritzen Gardens,and Omaha Royals.
While Joyce enjoys sharing her love of handbells to the local community, she has had the opportunity to ring as part of the International Symposium of Handbells in both Florida and Canada, and this summer in Australia. She has traveled to Italy, France, England, Scotland and Switzerland for handbell tours and recognized as a Distinctly Bronze and Classic Bronze ringer. While she loves to perform and play, all would agree that directing handbells is her passion.  In her words she “loves to ring with others who want to make the piece the most musical experience they can for others.  Directing a piece can bring tears to my eyes when I see that the music has spoken to the audience in a magical way, leaving them with a new sense of appreciation for the beauty of the bells”
In June of 2018, the River City Ringers celebrated Joyes’s 30th year with River City Ringers.  To honor her many hours of dedication, River City Ringers and many of her friends commissioned Cathy Moklebust to write an original piece that captures her energy, her faith, and her love of handbells.  The title of that piece  is “Let Everything that Breathes, Praise the Lord”